1. Storage Cases

    Storage cases or carrying bags are handy for transporting and storing the 3D pen and its accessories safely. They often feature compartments and pockets to organize filaments, nozzles, and other small items conveniently.

  2. Mat is a must accessories tool for 3d pen enthusiasts crafting! Very nice quality, combination of basic geometric figures of various compatible sizes, and the templates are great for making basic shapes that can then be joined together to make objects.

  3. Filament is the raw material used in 3D printing and 3D pens. It comes in various types, each offering unique properties and characteristics

  4. Drawing template, A 3D pen drawing template is a pre-designed pattern or stencil that serves as a guide for creating specific shapes or structures with a 3D pen. These templates are especially useful for beginners who may struggle with freehand drawing or for artists seeking to achieve precise designs.